ENTER THE JOURNEY by Rosanna Ienco

by: Rosanna Ienco

Shamanism is a spiritual path that lends itself to great stories. Here we have a narrative account of Rosanna’s adventures all around the world as she tries to make her way into the light and towards selfrealisation. Two of the great writers in contemporary shamanism – Sandra Ingerman and Denise Linn – endorse this book, and I think again this indicates the sort of book this is. It’s an optimistic book that will make the reader positive about finding meaning in life and about their own hero’s journey. It’s full of mysterious hidden teachers and strange encounters as she travels from Arizona to the Arctic via Australia. What’s innovative about this book is that she also offers visualisations based in some of these places so that we too – albeit remotely – can profit from their power.

240pp, 214 x 140 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £15.99

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