by: Heather Dawn Godfrey

Most people know how pleasant the pure aromas of essential oils are,
perhaps as drops in a bath or supporting a massage. But here we explore
more deeply, learning how they support meditation and develop mindful
awareness. This is not a new idea, references are found in many ancient texts
concerning oils to support prayer and ritual, particularly those from trees such
as frankincense. Spice and citrus oils are stimulating and herbal oils balancing
and relaxing. Scents travel to the brain and affect how it controls the body.
Here a useful table shows which parts of the brain individual oils are drawn to
and the outcomes produced. Oils are useful to support exercise such as yoga
and in particular deep breathing practices. This book would be particularly
useful to those who already have an established meditation practice and wish
to incorporate essential oils to deepen their experiences.
160pp, 230 x 180 mm, Paperback, 2018, RRP £12.99
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