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EVERYDAY MIRACLES by Robert and Hollie Holden

by: Robert and Hollie Holden

Robert and Hollie are bestselling authors for Hay House, and A Course in Miracles – that amazing spiritual document which has transformed the lives of millions – is the basis of their teachings. With these 50 beautifully designed cards you can make the Course an integral part of your daily practice. Each card draws from a lesson in the Course and you can draw it to reconnect you to the teaching you already know, or it can serve as an introduction to the riches contained on the Course. On one side of the colourful cards there’s a slogan that you can keep in mind all day and on the other there is a longer elaboration on that statement. You can keep all the cards in a beautiful bowl and be guided by one selected teaching for the rest of the day.

BOX SET: 50 CARDS, 139 x 101 mm, 2019