by: Stephen Sturgess

Kriya Yoga is the basis of the information and advice given here. This is the
yoga of meditation based on the teachings of the sage Patanjali. Asana, the
physical postures that are the best-known aspect of yoga, are just one of the
eight limbs that form the yoga path. Performing physical postures before
sitting to meditate can help create a sense of inner peace and stillness.
Pranayama, the art of breathing, is another of the 8 limbs that allow the mind
to grow calm. With an understanding of the subtle energy system and correct
preparation of mind and space, meditation can begin. This can take a variety
of forms, individuals need to find what suits them best and it is not essential to
adopt a complex posture. Some prefer mantra chanting, others are drawn to
visualisation. Ultimately it is a personal choice but the book ends with
suggestions for morning and evening meditation.
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