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FOREST SCHOOL ACTIVITY CARDS by Jane Worroll and Peter Houghton

by: Jane Worroll

This great card deck has been adapted from the bestselling books Play the Forest School Way and A Year of Forest School and is divided into 4 types of activities: Team Games, Forest Crafts, Connecting to Nature and Survival Skills. Not only are the games a great way to burn off energy, they also help children deepen their connection with nature, encourage creativity and help build up survival skills with fun games such as Predators Track Prey, Hungry Birds, Magic Wands, Tepee Shelter, and Leaf Stitching. The accompanying booklet explains how to use the deck and gives notes on safety and the Forest School ethos – to give children ownership over their journey so they can follow their interests at their own pace in a fun and stimulating way.

16pp, 48 cards, Boxed Set, 2020, RRP £14.99

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