by: Karen French

Simple geometric shapes and symbols combine to make the universal, powerful and sacred model Karen French calls Gateway to the Heavens. In this book French explains the meaning and purpose of these shapes, how they mould our reality and perception of it, and how they have a direct bearing on what you are and why you are here. These shapes and symbols contain messages that have been consistently represented in religion, philosophy, mythology, mysticism, the arts and sciences.

Their messages are built into our genetic make-up and we recognise them instinctively. The book is divided up into three parts. Part 1 covers the properties of the basic geometric shapes and numbers.

Part 2 describes how these in turn form layers of construction, creating principals that are fundamental to the purpose of the universe. The spiral sustains reality, the cross highlighting the central point of existence and the Heart where we weigh up our choices. Part 3 describes how we can use these principles to create positive change in our lives by helping us to expand our awareness of reality.

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