GOOD GUT HEALING Kathryn Marsden

by: Kathryn Marsden

Good Gut Healing covers many of the common - but rarely addressed - ailments that can affect everybody's digestive system and bowel, and suggests hundreds of natural ways to tackle the symptoms and ease discomfort. Packed with advice that really works and written in Kathryn Marsden's approachable style - easy, upfront and friendly, with a healthy dose of humour along the way - Good Gut Healing is a reassuring and welcome read. It offers effective action plans for dealing with all kinds of digestive and bowel disorders, from acid reflux, allergies and candida to constipation, IBS and ulcers. It takes a fresh look at the foods you should eat, and what you should avoid. Kathryn gives hundreds of tips for a healthy gut, from lifestyle changes to natural remedies. She also provides essential information about fibre, food combining, fluids, probiotics and stress. There's even a fast-track chapter for those who want to improve their digestive system immediately, but don?t have time to read the entire book!
304pp, 153mm x 234mm, Paperback, 2003