GOOD MOOD FOOD Charlotte Watts

by: Natalie Savona

Although it contains over 70 recipes, this is much more than another cookery
book. The food we eat gives us energy and profoundly affects our moods.
Unbalanced blood sugar and hormone levels in particular are well known
aggravators, but they can respond well to correct nutrition. Stress and anxiety
compound a bad situation so practical advice on breathing, exercise and
sleeping well are included alongside dietary recommendations. There is a
chapter on female hormones which can be responsible for mood swings,
particularly around PMS and the menopause. Vitamins, fats and supplements
are covered in depth and suggestions for an eating plan supports the
message that a solid nutritional framework is necessary to support a long-
term sense of good mood. The final analysis of a healthy balanced diet is
reduced to four factors: freshness, variety, food in a natural state and plenty of
fluids and fibre.
320pp, 135 x 215 mm, Paperback, 2018, RRP £10.99
Code: 290154