Cygnus Star Titles





by: White Eagle

'Group work is all-important: through group work so much more is accomplished than in isolation.' In this sentence White Eagle himself sets the theme of this book, which is about ways in which all who truly wish to serve the universal light can come together and unify their work. In the context of this book, 'brotherhood' involves not only human beings, male and female, but everything from the tiny atom to the furthest star. In one sense it is a meditation on coming together; in another, it is an invitation to be part of a 'great work': that of 'holding aloft the Star of brotherhood' and allowing the interconnection of human beings itself to be the foundation of the religion of the new age.

Old and new readers of White Eagle's teaching will benefit from this ground-breaking collection of teaching, which covers the concept of the Great White Brotherhood in the world of spirit, attempts to bring about brotherhood on earth, the power of the silence in bringing people together, the symbol of the Star and the service of the light. White Eagle always manages to lift the consciousness to the universal, while at all times remaining very close to the human.