GROW A NEW BODY by Alberto Villoldo

by: Alberto Villoldo

Alberto Villoldo is a bestselling author on South American shamanism and founder of the Four Winds Society. He is also a shaman. When he was faced with a set of life-threatening illnesses, his choices for treatment were a cutting-edge clinic in Miami, or the Amazon jungle. When he went back to the jungle he was welcomed with open arms by his friends and he was able, literally, to re-grow his devastated brain, liver and lungs. Here he teaches you how to do the same, using therapeutic techniques, nutrition and energy medicine. Before long you’ll be on your way to a new body, one which heals rapidly and retains its vitality. There are recipes plus pages of notes that give scientific backing to the programme he outlines. There are also plenty of inspiring stories, describing his experiences with some of the wisest healers on the planet.

320pp, 230 x 155 mm, Paperback, 2019