by: Delia Ciccarelli

This is a grand and impressive package: 72 colour cards, a 160-page illustrated hardback book and a luxury keepsake box. Every card carries a hand-painted image of a specific angel, including Daniel, Mihael, Haziel and Ariel. These all come from the Kabbalah and are also referred to as the 72 names of God. Having said that, the deck is more New Age looking than deeply esoteric. The angels are all androgynous beautiful beings and the book tells you all about them: their attributes, correspondences and meanings. The book also includes suggested spreads, for divination, help or insight. You can also find out the name of your own guardian angel, based on your date of birth. This set is a companion for life, and will always be with you, like the angels at your side.

160pp, 198 x 135 mm, Boxed Set, Hardback and 72 colour cards, 2022, RRP £29.99

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