by: Matthew Wood

Matthew has been a practising herbalist for more than 35 years and he has written several popular books on the subject, including The Earthwise Herbal. This is an in-depth book which is full of patient scientific teaching and doesn’t have many stories and anecdotes. It’s definitely important though: basically it aims to show how the body works at a cellular level and why certain plants, medicines and compounds help us to heal. The research is meticulous, and it has to be a must-read for anyone interested in health and healing. Our cells are controlled and directed by something called the Extracellular Matrix, which was only discovered in 1975. Matthew calls it an “all-encompassing inner ocean” and this book shows us how to keep it calm, clean and functioning well.

256pp, 227 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £14.99