HOW SOON IS NOW? by Daniel Pinchbeck

by: Daniel Pinchbeck

This book – now in paperback – won’t suit you if you like things gentle and comforting. Buy it though if you want someone to help you articulate the ways in which the world is being carelessly exploited but who will also give you crystal-clear suggestions on how you can make things better. It’s liberating and vital. Daniel Pinchbeck is a bestselling author, social activist and cultural entrepreneur. As author John Perkins says, his life has been like “the hero’s journey”: he has travelled, he has had amazing encounters and he has met the people who count. If anyone can give the answers, he can. This is a constructive path away from despair and impotence, and into activism and planetary healing.

320pp, 197 x 130 mm, Paperback, 2018