HYBRIDS Tanis Helliwell

by: Tanis Helliwell

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Tanis Helliwell is one of the most experienced authors and teachers when it comes to elementals and other forms of life that exist usually somewhere off the radar. After her two classic titles on leprechauns we have now Hybrids, where she looks at a variety of non-human beings who have interbred with humans. These include angels, giants, centaurs, elves, dolphins and many others. Many of us feel somehow dislocated from regular life, that we don’t fit in in various ways, but this will help us feel more powerful and self-realized, once we are reconciled to our non-human origins. It’s a fascinating exploration which, like most of Tanis’s books, is easy to read and full of illuminating stories, myths and historical snippets. (NOTE: Delivery takes two weeks).

192 pp, 217 x 142 mm, Paperback, 2019