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IF WOMEN ROSE ROOTED (b format) Sharon Blackie

by: Sharon Blackie

This book was previously available as a larger format paperback and it has now been reprinted in a more mass-market format. The author quotes D H Lawrence who wrote ‘we are bleeding at the roots’ because we are cut off from nature and the source of life. Sharon says Western women have lost control of their stories. She explores the inspiration that powerful females provide, both in ancient times and mythology, and today through contemporary communication such as blogging. The feminine is creative, even if that creativity is buried. It is part of the natural power to which each woman can reconnect. For women who feel separated from their true feminine self this is a rallying cry to rediscover those ancient roots and be part of the life force again.

416 pp, 197 x 127 mm, Paperback, 2019

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