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IN PRAISE OF AGEING by Carmel Shalev

by: Carmel Shalev

Many of us are struggling with ageing, and in our contemporary culture old age is viewed as a negative and something we should try to “avoid” as much as possible. However, getting older is simply a fact of life and it is truly impossible to escape it. In this book Carmel Shalev discusses ageing from a spiritual perspective, mainly drawing on the ancient legends and sayings of the Buddha. Here we find the idea that everything constantly changes and of the impermanence of life, yet also how we can come to terms with these harsh facts and cure ourselves of our fears regarding them. She shares her own contemplations and realizations and helps us to see how instead of desperately trying to avoid getting older, we can embrace and become empowered by the wisdom which only coming of age can bring us. 

200pp, 197 x 130 mm, Paperback, 2020, RRP £10.99