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by: Carl Honore

In Praise of Slow heralds a growing international movement of people who are taking some of the speed out of modern life, and living better as a result. These days, our culture teaches us that faster is better. But in the race to keep up, everything suffers - our world, diet and health, our relationships and sex lives. We are in such a hurry that anyone or anything that slows us down, becomes the enemy. Thanks to our desire for speed, we live in an age of rage. Carl Honore uncovers a movement that challenges the cult of speed by proving that slower is often better. In this entertaining and enlightening tour of all things Slow - from the Slow Food of Italy to the Slow Exercise studio in New York - we learn of a lifestyle revolution in which quality overcomes our obsession with quantity. The Slow movement is not about doing everything at a snail's pace; it's about striking a better balance between fast and slow, so that we can live more productive, fulfilling lives.
272pp, 129mm x 197mm, softback 2005

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