INNER CHILD ORACLE by Amanda Lynn Aisling

by: Amanda Lynn Aisling

So this isn’t really a neutral divination deck that has no deeper connection with you and is only designed to give an “answer”. Rather it’s very much designed for inner child work, for people who are on that journey or embarking on it, and who would like to add a source of inspiration or mystical guidance to that process. There are 44 numbered cards and the imagery on them is in that photographic collage style, with dreamy images of beautiful places, supernatural beings and mysterious temples. There’s a headline on each card, followed by advice. Thus we have: You Know The Way: Trust Your Intuition On This Journey and It Is Okay To Be Misunderstood: Perception is not always Based on the Truth. It’s a deck for healing your wounds and supporting further growth.

44 cards and 112-page booklet, 2024, RRP £17.99

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