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IRON JOHN by Robert Bly

by: Robert Bly

Iron John is genuinely a book that changed the culture when it was first published in 1990. The author Robert Bly passed away just weeks ago and I felt it was only right to include the book in this Review as a tribute for all the people it influenced. It also felt right to include Hero With a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell’s great work, which clearly had a huge effect on Bly. Before Iron John, no one knew much about men’s groups and the men’s movement. It was an important moment in starting to feel proud of being a man but also honouring and being aware of women and their needs. It was and can still be much criticized, but in his retelling of a classic myth he was able to come to some amazing insights into being a man and about the hero’s journey, and he started a debate which has continued until today.

288pp, 197 x 127 mm, Paperback, 2001, RRP £12.99

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