by: Michael Newton

In Journey of Souls we learn what happens to our soul in the spirit world, when one life on Earth is over, before it returns, reincarnated in another life. Michael Newton has developed a technique of guiding his hypnotized clients into a 'superconscious' state of awareness, accessing the highest centre of Self, and allowing them to witness their soul's journey between lives on Earth. Through fascinating case studies, you discover how it feels to die; who meets you after death; what life is like in the spirit world; the role of spirit guides and soul mates; why you are assigned to certain soul groups, and how you choose another body to return to Earth once your soul's phase of rejuvenation and transition is complete. Then, in becoming aware of your existence flowing between two worlds, material and spiritual, your past reveals your future, and you realise that there is always a home of everlasting love waiting for you.
230pp, 152mm x 226mm, Paperback, 2006

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