JOURNEY OF THE WHITE BEAR by Robin Youngblood and Sandra D’Entremont

I believe there’s a lot that the indigenous peoples of North America can teach us right now. Their spirituality is closely tied to the earth, to nature and to all-that-is, and these are lessons that we at Cygnus find compelling. The main author of this book is part of the Okanagon/Tsalagi tradition and Sandy the second author is an experienced student and teacher of 25 years’ experience. These are teachings that can and do support the native communities in America but they are also offered to everybody and encourage you to live more fully and passionately. The path is guided by the White Bear totem and the book is packed with ceremonies and exercises. They have a different energy to a lot of the exercises in the European tradition.

288pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £16.99

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