KEEP LOOKING UP by Tammah Watts

by: Tammah Watts

This unexpected book is a marvellous combination of bird watching for beginners, biography, notebook and spiritual guide. Written with love by Tammah Watts who has found so much in birds and nature to uplift her, we are taken on a journey of her life and how she connected with various birds along the way, how she found herself connecting to her local community because of her interest and how her love of birds helped her heal, both physically and mentally. She provides us with tool kits at the start of every chapter, exercise prompts throughout the book, and lovely Reflection Pond sections where we can record things we’ve seen, thought about or just enjoyed, all of which bring the book to life and make you want to have it by your side whenever you’re in the position of enjoying the birds around you.

176pp, 217 x 135 mm, Paperback, 2023