LIFE ON EARTH by Mike Dooley

by: Mike Dooley

Now in paperback. This comes recommended by Caroline Myss and it’s a rollercoaster ride through metaphysical thought. Demanding but not overwhelming, it’s as if the author has bowed to popular demand and said “Yes, here it is, the world in all its aspects, the key to how to live without illusion”. He asks the questions, the answers come and they add up. Everything is covered – all the big ones – like “What about Karma?” “Is there life after death?” and “And what of fate? Destiny? Angel help?” You might agree, and that means there’s a lifetime of material to chew upon. You might disagree, but you are left with plenty of stimulating material. It’s a bracing ride!

202pp, 227 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2018

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