by: Alice Peck

At only £7.99 Mindful Walking is a lovely little collection of tips, exercises and ideas for being quiet in the natural world and using its gifts to live well with calm and mental peace. It’s a classic Cico title, so it’s not overly profound or heavy on the narrative, but there are lovely photographs throughout and it’s a small hardback that fits very comfortably in the pocket. There are many ideas for making the most of being in nature, including Seeing Colours, Cleansing with Mud, Foraging for Seaweed and Water Meditation. There are bigger books on these subjects but in the end how much text do you actually need? These little tips and nudges are enough to encourage us and make us feel optimistic in this time when everything all around seems to be working towards the opposite goal.

144pp, 160 x 122 mm, Hardback, 2022, RRP £7.99