by: Hannah Lewis

This book should be on the desk of every environment minister, town planner, school board, community organisation, newspaper and TV editor. It’s such a simple message - we need more trees to help the environment, and by planting mini-forests wherever there is a small space, on a roundabout, in an unused plot, in a school playground, in the back garden, we can do just that. This book studies the science behind the concept and details the multiple environmental benefits, from cooling urban areas, establishing wildlife corridors, building soil health, sequestering carbon, creating pollinator habitats and more. It describes how this revolution started, and explores the impact that these mini-forests are having within diverse types of terrain, climate and location. It’s full of good news and it gives us the creative optimism to start as soon as we can.

224pp plus 8-page colour insert, 229 x 153 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £16.99

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