by: Yasmin Boland

This is the third oracle deck from this very popular author and trailblazer. She writes that the previous two were very much based on astrological and astronomical facts whereas this deck is completely intuitive – she says that the moon made her do it! The box contains 48 cards and a comprehensive 126 page guide book full of interpretations of the symbols and suggestions for readings. Cards include: Blood Moon – COURAGE, Moon Goddess – HIGHER POWER and Moonstone – SLOW IT DOWN. The colours are all mysterious and dreamy reds, yellows and blues: pastel shades and never gaudy and bright. They contain isolated figures in empty landscapes which are often deserts. We feel that moon energy guides our deeper thoughts and feelings so these cards should be an intuitive conduit to our subconscious.

48 cards and a 126-page booklet, 2023, RRP £17.99

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