by: Robert Moss

In this, his first new book since 2015’s Sidewalk Oracles, Robert Moss guides us once more into the spectacular world beyond the mundane, an imaginal world of dreams, archetypes and mythic journeys. Jean Houston calls it a “message from a future human”, with chapters like A God of Freud, Which is the Dream? and Ghost Platoon. It is story medicine, it is healing and it is a welcome escape from a cruel and meaningless world of appearances. Cygnus members need no introduction to alternative realities, and this fun and exhilarating read, full of stories and colourful anecdotes, offers all sorts of inspiration that will enrich our lives. Robert is also a bestselling novelist and independent scholar, as well as one of the most experienced guides through dreaming, shamanism and synchronicity.

256pp, 216 x 143 mm, Paperback, 2019, RRP £12.99
Code: 290248