NINE WAYS TO CHARM A DRYAD by Penny Billington

by: Penny Billington

We all know how important trees are as strong living beings and about all the gifts they give us. This book shows how to go to the next level and consciously build a profound magical relationship with a dryad, which is the spirit of the tree. With nine themed charms, author Penny Billington helps you connect with tree nymphs and nature spirits so that you may receive their blessings, advice, and guidance. Penny is of course also the author of The Wisdom of Birch Oak and Yew, and is a Druid living in Somerset. Nine Ways to Charm a Dryad shares meditations, exercises, writing prompts, and tips for creative art projects designed to support communication with the wise spiritual beings found in the forests and fields. This book also includes tips for people who are not able to venture outdoors and those with mobility restrictions.

228pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £17.99

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