NOURISH THE CANCER CARE COOKBOOK Penny Brohn Cancer Care with Christine Bailey

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In Nourish you'll find easy-to-follow recipes designed specifically for cancer patients (and their families). The focus is on nutritious food that can be easily tolerated and helps to alleviate common symptoms and side-effects, as well as forming a crucial part of any cancer treatment programme. The role of nutrition is explained and the introduction outlines clear advice on cancer-fighting foods. Eating little and often is important, so Nourish includes plans based on eating small meals six times a day. More than 75 recipes are given in four beautifully presented chapters, as well as a chapter with recipes that are helpful for common side-effects. All the recipes are delicious yet simple to make, and many can be prepared in advance to make mealtimes hassle-free. Whether you are undergoing treatment, have opted to eat more healthily as a preventative measure or are supporting someone through cancer and wish to provide nourishing dishes for them, this book will be your culinary guide. Bright and encouraging, its inspiration will help to tempt the most reluctant appetite.