NUMEROLOGY by Elen Sentier

by: Elen Sentier

For anyone with a love of numbers and their mysterious yet logical patterns and rhythms this book will fascinate. It dips far deeper than explanations of what our birth and name numbers say about us. The grids to calculate our personal numbers take time to understand: this is not an easy read but something to study, grasp, digest and learn from. Just as numbers are far from simple, so what they can reveal to the genuine seeker is a spiral that goes deeper and deeper exploring spirit, personality, the body and relationship with the elements. Each number’s character and meaning are explained with some helpful diagrams. We learn 4 people are good at reality, 7 are about love and wisdom, but we are complex and contain aspects of other numbers which dance together in endless patterns. Be prepared to embark on a challenging, deep and revealing numerical journey.

192pp, 216 x 142 mm, Paperback, 2019