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OPEN HEART, OPEN MIND Tsoknyi Rinpoche

by: Tsoknyi Rinpoche

Open Heart, Open Mind is written with an extraordinary freshness and energy, by a monk who teaches Buddhist ideas from the direct experience of everyday situations. His honesty and bright integrity shine through in every story he tells. Unusually, this Tibetan monk ran away from his monastery to get married and have a family. He brings his very human understanding of family life to his spiritual practice and the teachings he shares with us. He explains why times when we are feeling bad about ourselves, or when we are consumed by anger or despair, jealousy or judgement, are the most fruitful for the practice of tonglen to rise above personal pain. Tsoknyi enjoys researching neuroscience, and he slips exercises to experience a moment the feeling of bliss, between the lines of wisdom. A remarkable book by a remarkably authentic man.

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