ORACLE OF THE BIRDS by Jeanne Ruland

by: Jeanne Ruland

far from, but they are also able to take flight and ascend to great heights and travel great distances. They are capable of looking transcendently beautiful. This very straightforward deck honours them and takes inspiration from them. There are 46 cards and an illustrated book. Almost all the cards feature birds, including penguins, flamingos and crows, most of which should be familiar to us. There are also cards featuring the nest, a feather and an egg. There are also mythical birds like the garuda, the phoenix and the ba-soul bird. As well as a beautiful colour image and the name of the bird, the card also includes the main inspirational aspect of that bird and an affirmation based on this. This is a deck both for divination and affirmation.

46 cards and 112-page booklet, 2023, RRP £19.99

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