by: Charles Dowding

In Organic Gardening, Charles Dowding, who has not dug his garden for twenty five years, except to clear perennial weeds and turf, shares the philosophy, tips and techniques for running a successful organic garden. He helps you to understand better what is going on in the soil and with your plants, in your own garden and climate, so you can work out your own methods. Based on his system of permanent slightly-raised beds, Charles guides you through the seasons, showing how you can grow a delicious variety of fruit and vegetables: what to choose, when to plant and harvest, and how best to avoid pests and diseases. He also intersperses recipes to inspire you to culinary heights with your fresh-picked produce. Informative and beautifully presented, Organic Gardening is the perfect aid to achieving a vibrant garden and bountiful harvest.
223pp, 155mm x 232mm, illus. in colour, Paperback, 2008

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