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OUR SPIRITUAL DNA by Carmel Niland

by: Carmel Niland

The subtitle of this book is “Twelve Ascended Masters and the Evidence for our Divine Ancestry” and it shines a light on the spiritual DNA that each of us without exception has inherited from an Ascended Master. These are the great ones who live on other planes and who have incarnated many times to aid humanity with its evolution. They are familiar from Theosophy and include figures like El Morya, Pallas Athene and Kuthumi. The primary focus in this book is on St Germain and Mother Mary and we can draw inspiration from different incarnations they lived and how they tried to shape events in the world. It is inspirational to know that there is a bigger plan and that all of us play a part in it. Diana Cooper calls this “An intriguing book that is well worth reading”. 

272pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2021, RRP £14.99

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