by: Anthony Peake

Here Anthony Peake suggests that Lucid Dreaming, Out-of-Body Experiences, Remote Viewing and Astral Travel are all elements of the same phenomenon, one that may give mankind an insight into a universe that is far more complex than we can ever have imagined. Peake reviews the history of this fascinating subject and then, using recent discoveries in neurology, consciousness studies and quantum physics, suggests a challenging new model of how our perception may interface with 'reality'. 'The Out-of-Body Experience is a hot topic ...Anthony Peake has extensively covered various fields of enquiry that may, at last, help us to understand this unusual phenomenon.

It is the first book on the topic to cast its net around dreams, shamanism, Eastern thought and quantum physics, with OBEs as the central core. Those readers who know little about OBEs will find this a splendid introduction. Those who know a lot will know more after they finish this fascinating, and much needed, book.'

240pp, Paperback, 138 x 215 mm, 2016

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