by: Stephen Pope

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This deeply spiritual book is a radical modern interpretation of the ancient esoteric wisdom of the Gospel of John. With metaphysical poetry, inspirational commentary and guided meditations, it leads us on a mystical exploration of the spiritual path of the Torah, the gnostic gospels, and of the Elohim, the angelic beings of light referred to in the Old and New Testaments, whose message is of the divine light of the cosmos, the light of all existence. Whenever we find ourselves lost in the wilderness, to become aware of the vitality of abundant life is to feel deeply connected to every living thing. Written by a mystic follower of the Kabbalistic tradition, this transformational journey through the Tree of Life will awaken a radiant awareness of the presence of spirit in all things. Logos is the essence of all life, and humanity, as an interconnected whole.

285pp, 140mm x 208mm, Paperback, 2012