by: Looby Macnamara

This is a new edition of a permaculture classic, revised and updated since its first publication in 2012. Like all the books from our friends at Permanent Publications, it’s immensely practical and above all hopeful. It explores how we can apply permaculture principles to people, to our daily lives and to our personal development and wellness. It’s political with a small “p” – ideal for all of us who want to reinvent our lives from the ground up and live according to what we truly believe, in tune with all life on this planet. Chapters include Connecting with Nature, Our Internal Landscapes and Being at our Best; praise on the cover comes from Joanna Macy, Alys Fowler and Satish Kumar. It’s a vitally important and inspiring book full of exercises and illustrations, that can make us all positive for the planet’s future.

336pp, 246 x 187 mm, Paperback, 2019, RRP £21.00

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