PLAY THE FOREST SCHOOL WAY by Peter Houghton and Jane Worroll

by: Peter Houghton and Jane Worroll

Anyone of a certain age will be transported back to their own childhood and want to share this book with their grandchildren. Isn’t this how play used to be before television and computers and our obsession with ‘health and safety’? Although written for parents, teachers and carers, hopefully children will turn the pages and demand the whole family immediately run off into the forest to play. Remember when you used to make a bow and arrows and squelch in mud? Don’t you still yearn to make a journey stick and build a camp fire? Forest School is a grassroots movement aiming to re-connect children with nature (visit their website Wearing your woodland jewellery while foraging for juicy fruits, use this delightful book to immerse yourself, and the children you care about, in fun learning activities and the joy of outdoor play.

Paperback, 161pp, 2016