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by: Felicity Evans

50 delicious ways to improve your health with probiotics you can make at home. Did you know you may have the healthiest diet in the world but your body can't reap the benefits because there isn't enough healthy bacteria in your gut? Felicity Evans' Probiotic Drinks at Home is a testament to the amazing benefits you can reap by incorporating probiotics into daily life; they provide an amazing source of energy, can aid in detoxification, boost overall health and helps the healthy bacteria in your gut to flourish so your body can digest food properly.Probiotic Drinks at Home is a go-to-guide and recipe book that enables you to create gut-friendly elixirs in your very own kitchen hailing from the 'Queen alchemist' herself. Drawing from her personal experience as the owner of her fermented probiotic business Imbibe Living, Probiotics at Home covers both 'fermenting using a culture' and 'wild fermentation', with foundation recipes ranging from water kefir, coconut water kefir, milk kefir, jun and kombucha to Beet kvass, Pineapple tepache, Ginger bug and Honey mead.

These basic recipes are then used as a basis to create some delicious and flavoursome elixirs, like Lemon and ginger kefir, Honey and vanilla ambrosia milk kefir and Jun with raspberries to Beet kvass with blood orange, Fragrant honey mead with star anise and cinnamon and Mint pineapple tepache. Complete with step-by-step instructions as well as the how's and why's of each fermenting process, Probiotics at Home is a must-have for anybody looking to optimise their gut health and boost their immune system.

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