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ROSE CHAMBER by Caroline M. Brown

by: Caroline M. Brown

This astonishing book reveals the Rose Chamber as a hub of activity and centre for good, working into our world from spirit realms. The Rose Chamber is full of translucent spirit beings of all levels and is itself within a huge Citadel. We can learn to access this through our own personal doorway.

For this inner door to enhanced consciousness and true seeing to open, we need hard training with rigorous meditative exercises. Surprisingly, this pathway leads directly through our personal shadow. This uncomfortable truth is all too rarely made explicit in spiritual writings, but Caroline opens up this challenging and hard to accept subject. All that is within our soul of unconscious patterned negative reactions or habits of character that we wish to transform needs ruthlessly truthful recognition, until they wield no more power over us.

This personal journey is a safe modern pathway to true seership. Caroline Brown managed – through her life’s challenges and hard self-training in meditation over 25 years - to achieve this goal.

Caroline’s true, first hand experiences of the amazing environment and beings on ‘the other side’ are beautifully and delicately described.

She now works consciously for the world on a daily basis mentored by shining spirit and human beings who are full of love and care for the earth and for the vast human family.

342pp, paperback, 152mm x 228mm, 505g, 2015