SHAMANISM MADE EASY by Christa Mackinnon

by: Christa Mackinnon

Shamanism can take many forms and there are shamanic elements in many
spiritual traditions around the world. This introduction is a perfect starting point
for getting to know which paths are available; maybe from here we can take
the journey further and properly dip our toes into one of them. There are
exercises on Cleansing Your Personal Space, Creating Power Objects and
Journeying to Connect with an Ancestral Guide. It will reassure you about a
strange encounter or dream you might have had – sometimes you might not
be aware that you have been drawn to this path. After all, this is a powerful
process that might help you find healing and wholeness in your own life, as
well as healing for the planet as a whole.

240pp, 131 x 196 mm, Paperback, 2018