SHAME by Dr Joseph Burgo

by: Dr Joseph Burgo

Shame has been pushed to the sidelines in Western culture over recent
decades. It is easier to speak of embarrassment or low self-esteem, but
shame still plays a crucial role in our development and daily life. It is
something that can define a person’s sense of self. Throughout history shame has been a civilizing influence on society and only recently have people fought back against the toxic aspects, such as stigma. Drawing on 35 years’ experience as a psychotherapist, Dr Burgo recounts many stories of guilt, remorse and other emotions that contribute to shame, and he looks at how different people have used their sense of shame as a positive tool for self-knowledge. The book contains a survey to assess your own score when it comes to shame. Using this score, the chapters become a guide to supporting areas that show up as needing attention and exercises to help learn from.

320pp, 155 x 233 mm, Paperback, 2018