SHODO by Rie Takeda

by: Rie Takeda

This lovely small hardback is an introduction to calligraphy in the Japanese style. The subtitle proposes mindfulness through the calligraphy process and ultimately I think it would be pretty hard to do it well without being extremely in the moment. The first part of the book is about mindfulness, about preparing the space and sitting properly, all of which sound delicious. The remainder of the book describes the brush-strokes and then the sequences for composing various popular Japanese words in calligraphy, like Sun and Moon, Joy and Clear Mind. There are many other delightful illustrations, apart from the calligraphy itself. This would make a lovely tasteful gift and it’s wonderful to know that the fruits of your mindfulness might be so beautifully expressed.

248pp, 185 x 130 mm, Hardback, 2022, RRP £14.99