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SKETCH BY SKETCH by Sheila Darcey

by: Sheila Darcey

The author has developed a model for healing through drawing, and she has called it SketchPoetic. All you need is pen/pencil and paper, and the time and willingness to go within a little bit. I know from my own experience that skill isn’t required, because you get immense satisfaction from creating an honest image and you are often more skilled than you realize. And anyway the main reason to do it is to pick yourself up and get yourself out of a negative headspace or a spiral of anxiety. There are more than 40 prompts to get you started, plus guidance on how to draw and many stories of how other people have found greater peace and joy through sketching. There are even blank pages for you to draw on although I would suggest you get a proper pad to do them on.

352pp, 233 x 194 mm, Paperback, 2021, RRP £16.99

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