SMILING MIND by Jane Martino and James Tutton

by: Jane Martino and James Tutton

A glorious little handbag-sized book that is a handy guide to any newbie meditator venturing into the, often complicated, world of mindfulness. To some, the term mindfulness can be quite daunting as its meaning is not always easy to determine, but Jane and James explain all in an accessible and conversational tone. With easy, practical exercises and bite-sized explanations, this book is for anyone interested in starting their journey into mindfulness. The book itself is beautifully designed, with a bold and varying format, which makes each turn of the page a new and unexpected delight. In fact, the only drawback to this gorgeous little blue breath-of- fresh- air, is that the text can at times become slightly too small. But if this wouldn't affect you in a huge way, it is well worth persevering until the end.

Hardcover, 176pp, 2016

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