SOUL DOG by Elena Mannes

by: Elena Mannes

Pet owners know they have a special bond with the animal who shares their
life, but for Elena Mannes her dog Brio was a unique companion. As a
sceptical journalist she was at first wary, but in time her experiences with Brio
led her to investigate deeper into animal consciousness and their ability to
communicate. She tells the story of their life together in New York, how Brio
grew from a puppy with a mind of his own to a dog with ‘presence’,
recognised as an old soul. As a producer with ABC News Elena continued to
interview animal communicators and look into research, while always aware
of Brio’s sixth sense. When her dog fell ill and died the story continued as she
became aware he was still around and sending her messages. This is a
strange story, but as a journalist Elena explores and questions everything,
which adds depth and reason.

192pp, 155 x 228 mm, Paperback, 2018