SOUND HEALING by Farzana Ali

by: Farzana Ali

This is an interesting read. We all know how certain sounds are soothing, but not why. Here Farzana Ali delves into the science of sound and shows us the amazing therapeutic benefits it has, especially in combating stress and anxiety. Thus we learn about the effect of sound on the brain, the different types of sounds and how they work, plus what connects sound healing to mindfulness and being in nature. With practical tips and activities that we can use in our daily lives, and helpful information on what other techniques to use alongside sound healing, this book really makes it easy to tune into and use this soothing form of healing. It includes a link to a free digital sound recording that we can use as a basis for their own practices at home, so in this regard it will be helpful to have a smartphone or a computer.

256pp, 216 x 135 mm, Paperback, 2024, RRP £12.99

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