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SPELLCASTING ORACLE CARDS by Flavia Kate Peters and Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

by: Flavia Kate Peters

This boxed set, featuring a 134-page booklet and 48 colour cards, was created by two experienced British High Priestesses. The cards feature (mostly) women of all races and animals like wolves, lions and doves, in dreamy inspirational settings, accompanied by words or short phrases like Courage, Healing and Reconciliation. The book then offers various ways of working with the cards, including Magical Guidance, Spell Incantation and Magical Meanings for each one. The card will connect you to magical forces and the accompanying guidance will show you how to work with moon phases, days of the week and candle power. The deck as a whole will encourage you to take intuitive guidance on working magic and the extra information will enable you to create powerful spells to bring about your desires.

134pp, 48 cards, Boxed Set, 2020, RRP £17.99