by: Martha Beck

There is a still point inside you that is already guiding you towards your best destiny. But how do you hear its voice? And what on earth is it saying? With great power and practical insight, (not to mention humour, compassion and panache!) Martha Beck dissolves all the confusion you may be feeling, and shows you how to be guided by your ?wizard' self (the Starlight in the title of this book) and not by your ?lizard' self (all the fear and conditioning that normally hold you back). If you're looking to find and follow the life you were meant to have, Martha Beck's Steering by Starlight could be just the help you need. No matter what life has made of you, your own North Star is still shining - in outer space and inner space, so start Steering by Starlight ... today! 'Some books are so good you almost want to eat them. That's how good and helpful this one is. Do yourself a favour and read it!' Ann
254pp, 152mm x 234mm, Paperback, 2008

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