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SUPERSOUL by Ian Lawson

by: Ian Lawson

A new consciousness is emerging on planet earth. Huge swathes of the human population are waking up to the incredible truth of who and what we really are. And now the next pieces of the jigsaw reveal a power in each of us way beyond our wildest imaginings... the power of our SUPERSOUL. In the latter decades of the twentieth century a degree of spiritual consensus emerged. It centred around the idea that we all have a soul that survives our physical death; that lives many lives to gain a rich variety of experience; and that will at some point have overcome the multitude of challenges the human experience has to offer, and move on to grow in other ways in other realms. Some have taken a different tack and focussed more on ideas of illusion and addiction, but arguably their influence has remained more on the fringe. This worldview has served us well as the tide of the new consciousness has gathered momentum. But what if it only scratches the surface of an underlying reality that is far more complex and intriguing? The clues have been available, scattered here and there, for decades. In Robert Monroe's pioneering journeys out of his body, when he met with supreme intelligences that he eventually realized were only 'other aspects of himself'. In Jane Roberts' seminal Seth channelings, which revealed that he and she were part of the same 'oversoul'. And in the widely channelled messages from the 'group entity' Michael, who describe 'themselves' as comprised of many individual 'soul fragments'. All these sources remain hugely popular, yet somehow the vital clues they left for us have remained somewhat overlooked. But now they can be pulled together into a worldview potentially enhanced by scientists who propose a fundamentally holographic and digital reality. A radical worldview that opens up huge new possibilities for us all as we collectively pioneer the most radical change in human consciousness ever witnessed on planet earth.

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